The Orimba Bookcase

Minimal Design Maximum Use

from $1,375

Understanding Orimba

Let us explain the reasoning behind our design choices. Explore the exceptional qualities that make our bookcase stand out, and understand why investing your money in our product is the right decision.

Mix & Match

Orimba Bookcase L1

With minimalistic charm and durable solid hardwood construction, our timeless and distinct asymmetrical design highlights your prized possessions. The image showcases the elegance of Australian oak, making it a perfect choice for showcasing your favorite items.

Orimba Bookcase L2

Elevate the functionality of your orimba by using it as a room divider with a discreet solid backing. Not only does this feature offer increased privacy, but it also provides ample support for any items that may need an extra hand. Check out the stunning tasmanian blackwood in the image.

Orimba Bookcase L3

If you desire a minimalistic design that allows for the discreet storage of objects while simultaneously highlighting your key pieces, contemplate a 3. All of our drawers are built with hardwood & are made to last a lifetime of use! This picture depicts messmate.

Take A Closer Look

Explore the exceptional features of our Orimba Bookcase, including its freestanding design and adjustable shelves, designed to help you fully utilize your bookcase.



Room divider, bookshelf, feature piece.



Infinate possibilities, flexible living.


Adjustable Shelving

To store whatever you want, however you want.

Explore The Full Story

The Orimba Bookcase is expertly crafted to address practical concerns while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We have skillfully incorporated a selection of our most cherished furniture design techniques into this one-of-a-kind product.

Modular. Freestanding. Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable Shelving

When working with high quality hardwoods, our shelves are thoughtfully secured to the frame. This means that some of them have the freedom to be positioned anywhere you desire. The combination of our durable materials and the force of gravity ensures that your shelving options are endless.

change it up


Given the shelves' effortless movability, we often find ourselves rearranging them based on the storage needs of our household items. With its sleek and minimal design, it provides sturdy support for objects of any style.



When you invest in furniture made with quality materials, you can enjoy its long-lasting durability. Our shelves are designed to withstand frequent movement without any significant damage.


Our designs are crafted to seamlessly work together, whether as standalone bookshelves or part of a set. Mix and match to suit your space and storage needs. Consider pairing an L1 with an S3 bookcase for enhanced utilization of space.


Better Together

Discover the endless possibilities of our orimba bookcase, designed to effortlessly combine different styles into one cohesive unit. Whether you're looking to maximize corner space, extend your storage options, or incorporate additional drawers, our bookcase offers the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

our customers

For Everyone

We have installed orimba bookcases in libraries, apartments, houses, schools & offices, among other locations. Regardless of your space, there is a version that will suit your needs and a style that matches. If you are unsure about which orimba bookcase to purchase, why not schedule a consultation with us? We can guide you through it effortlessly.


With Orimba, there's no need for complicated installations. It stands on its own, offering the perfect solution as a room divider or multi-functional storage option. Say goodbye to unnecessary difficulties and embrace a product that truly addresses your needs.

room divider

Space Maker

For optimal use of your space, especially in open areas, think about utilizing freestanding designs like the orimba bookcase. These adaptable pieces can help you create distinct functional zones in your space, such as cozy reading nooks, separate dining and living areas, or even dividing bedrooms into sleeping and working spaces.

no installation

Stress Free

When you acquire one of our orimba bookcases, we immediately begin preparing it for your designated space. This ensures that upon arrival, you won't have to worry about installing or moving heavy objects. You can simply sit back, relax, and let us handle all the arrangements. Our furniture is expertly crafted from scratch and will be delivered straight to your room.

What Our Customers Say
Amazing furniture and beautiful craftsmanship. Their attention to detail and their selection of materials is second to none.
— Henry Boekemann
We had a great experience with Angus from Naco Design who customised one of their standard designs to fit our space.
— Anthony Thompson
Would absolutely recommend Naco Furniture to anyone who is looking for a quality workmanship and service!
— Kurt Cometa
I couldn't recommend NACO highly enough! From start to finish, the process was seamless, the team were professional and so very helpful in supporting us with designing furniture to suit our needs.
— Nadine Beeton
We could not be more in love with Naco. Even their delivery method oozes intelligent design. Who creates purpose built dollies to fit the furniture? Naco do. They truly consider every aspect.
— Louise Pride