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*Our LIVE 5% OFF offer & any other discounts are only valid with Online Purchases*

Timber Variation

The majority of our products are hand-crafted from solid timbers, and are sourced from sustainable Australian forests.

As no two trees are alike, variation in grain and colour will occur.

These variations are acceptable throughout the cabinetmaking and carpentry industry.
We cannot accept replacement or refund based on variation.

Customers interested in a perfectly consistent colour and grain should consider coloured lacquer cabinetry, or some of the synthetic materials offered by other companies, such as laminate, wood grain melamine or PVC.

    Handcrafted Imperfections

    In addition to being constructed of natural materials, our products are hand finished.

    With that, minor imperfections may be present.

    These are considered normal and expected for hand finished, solid timber furniture, and as such are not grounds for refund or replacement.

      I’ve changed my mind about an order (Pre-Designed Only)

      Contact us before ordering so we can address any questions or concerns you may have.

      We can provide material samples when possible, as well as any additional specifications or information.

      We also strongly recommend visiting your nearest showroom to evaluate the product in person to ensure it will suit your needs.

      If you have received delivery of your order, only unused items can be returned for a change of mind refund, less applicable shipping costs.

      Reimbursement for returned, unused items as a change of mind will be processed within one week of our warehouse receiving the returned items.

      Items that have been used cannot be returned because of a change of mind.

        I’d like to cancel my order

        We offer a 24 hour cancellation period from the time of your online order, anything past this is unable to be cancelled.

        In rare cases where an exception to this policy is made, cancellations will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee, based on the total sale price of the items being cancelled.

          Storage of Completed furniture

          We can store completed furniture for up to two weeks without a fee.

          Holding furniture for longer than two weeks is subject to a $95 per month fee.

          To avoid storage fees, please Contact our customer service team as soon as you know there may be delays early on so we can push back the completion date.

            My order is damaged / I’ve received the wrong item

            Contact our customer service team with photos of the item so we can fix the problem as quickly as possible.

            Naco Design will cover any costs incurred.

            If an item is damaged in transit we will replace the item but cannot offer a full order cancellation for a refund.

            Your free warranty on every order

            All warranty claims must be sent in writing to richmond@nacodesign.com. We will determine if the claim is valid and notify you of the claim result.
              If the item needs to be repaired one of our team will consent for the item to be sent back to our factory for repair or replacement (this is determined by Naco Studio Pty Ltd).
                The warranty covers the cost involved in the repair but excludes any transport costs associated with the claim.
                  We will not accept any returns if the item has been tampered with. For example, has been repainted, re-finished, re-upholstered or if the item has not been used appropriately for its intended purpose.

                    Timber Furniture

                    A 5 year warranty covers the integrity of timber items. Our products are made well and with care and the intention that they are enjoyed for many years to come, subject to their intended use. Our timber furniture should not be dragged along the floor, jumped on or used in any way that it was not designed for.

                    2 year warranty on internal hardware parts (runners, door hinges etc.)

                    Environmental conditions can affect the performance and appearance of your furniture, even though we minimise all possibilities with the design, high exposure to sunlight and weather will cause changes such as shrinkage, expansion, bowing, splitting and colour change which is not covered by warranty.

                    If there is major fault of the timber furniture integrity and after assessment by a furniture specialists, we will repair it under a 5 year warranty.

                    Finishes are also subject to everyday wear and tear and thus cannot be warranted.


                      Warranty on the upholstery covers the structural integrity of the piece, which includes 5 years warranty on the webbing and 3 years warranty on the stitching.

                      Environmental factors can affect the performance and appearance of the upholstery, causing changes such as fading and colour change in the leather and fabric which is NOT covered by warranty.

                      The general look and feel of the upholstery is subject to everyday wear and tear and thus cannot be warranted.

                        Extended 5 year warranty

                        (recommended for high use products only) (costs an extra 10% on top of the order and only insures those pieces): 

                        Because you are buying your furniture directly from the designer and maker, we can afford to give you the best advice, and the best warranty. Its simple with no middleman and no hidden smallprint; After 5 years instead of the warranty ending it is refreshed, along with your furniture.

                        We will service your furniture to take away the years of wear and tear.

                        Much like a car your furniture needs a checkup after a while & we are more than capable of providing you with the best help for your unique furniture.
                        Every order is different and requires extensive knowledge of what's right for each piece. 

                        To extend your warranty for a further 5 years & receive a free service on all your furniture it only costs 10% of the original orders price, we prefer to build on our customer relationships rather than provide a one off unsure purchase.
                        We believe in providing the best quality furniture along with the best quality protection. 
                          Our policies and conditions are subject to Consumer Affairs of Victoria and will follow the guidelines provided. We intend to make everything to the best of our ability because good things don't have to come from far away.