Our Team

β€œNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Mond Qu - Director

With a solid foundation in Architecture, Business, and Design, Mond delights in crafting furniture that exudes minimalism, practicality, and sustainability. Drawing upon his understanding of spatial layouts, materials, and life, Mond weaves these elements into Naco's distinctive design language. Mond's ambition is to shake up the furniture industry, transforming it one home at a time through Naco's innovative processes and creations.

Sebastian Funke Kupper - General Manager

With a background in Product Design and Engineering Sebastian works with clients to transfer their vision to paper. Sebastian combines his experience in sales and manufacturing documentation to bridge the gap between the client and fabricators. Together with the team, Sebastian foresees significant opportunities in the new manufacturing technologies, and are working to boost medium sized manufacturing in Australia.

Angus Coleman - Furniture Designer

Angus enjoys rapidly sketching out and modeling his ideas physically and digitally. Through collaborative processes and creative design outcomes, Angus is passionate to change the world into a more sustainable place. He views design as a deeply important aspect of life and society that is best approached with an aesthetic intention to develop environments and products that create a better surrounding for all life.

Karen - Client Relations

With many years of experience dealing with customers, Karen is detail oriented and offer stellar customer service to clients.Karen enjoys working in close co-ordination with all departments in this furniture manufacturing business, to improve office and customer support from pre-concept to final delivery of product and after sales services.

Sonny Do - Creative Lead

Formally trained in Architecture at the University of Melbourne, Sonny has a wide range of experiences in art, architecture and graphic design. At Naco, Sonny is driven by incorporating storytelling to his projects; narratives that are told in a subtle and unobtrusive way with a focus on culture, aesthetics and materiality.

Nicoletta Stecca - Graphic Designer

Formally-trained in Fashion design, Nicoletta has extensive experience in the Fashion industry with ten years spent in design, product development and marketing for luxury brands and consulting studios in Milan. She is a consultant and director of two non-profit organisations whilst working as a graphic designer at UnitedMake. Her goal is to support businesses and professionals creating a competitive advantage using Circular Economy principles and sustainability practices.

Oliver Schrock - Digital Director

I've been working in the creative industry for 10 years with experience and passion in all aspects of design, from architecture & installations to virtual reality and digital design. I've worked with a vast portfolio of global brands on a multitude of creative projects, providing expertise and consultation for clients and their teams. Naco has become a second family to me and i aim to use my creative expertise to help provide furniture to our clients that is built in a sustainable & unique way that lasts a lifetime of memories.

Junjie Zhang - Junior Designer

Junjie has a strong conceptual thinking skill, conceptualising and rationalising the design to a satisfying degree. At Naco, Junjie collaborates with Sonny to produce design concepts and narratives to allow the design to speak for themselves. Focused down to the details of every design, Junjie thrives to present works that not only have delicate visual outcomes but also practical functions.

Livia Caliopi Biro - Social Media Manager

Her path started in fashion, but learning more about the industry led her to ask herself critical ethical questions about our impact on the environment and social repercussions of our everyday choices. In time a passion arose for what she considers to be the key element in creating positive change, transparent and empathic communication through one of our most powerful tools: social media. Today she supports businesses and professionals that are invested in reducing their negative impact on our Planet.