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Care Guide

We care about our products and we hope you will too as you welcome each piece into your home or workplace. Follow these simple steps so you can enjoy your Naco furniture for many years to come.

Caring for timber

Timber is a natural material with grain detail, colour and finishes subject to variation. It is a natural quality of timber for movement to occur - especially in warmer climates and in environments where temperatures change frequently from hot to cold, ie. in front of airconditioning units. In light of this we ask that you choose carefully the location for the product and be aware that environmental factors will have an effect on your furniture.

  • For longevity of the piece of furniture we recommend keeping out of direct/reflective sunlight as well as in contact with moisture/liquid. Furniture should be placed where it is protected from outdoor elements.
  • Regularly wipe down with a soft, dry cloth (preferably microfibre) to remove dust and dirt.
  • Do not wet down or leave spills to sit on the timber surface.
  • If spills occur - wipe up immediately with a cloth followed by a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.
  • Take care when placing unglazed ceramics as they may scratch the surface.
  • Do not place hot and cold items directly on the surface. We recommend using coasters and trivets to avoid any permanent marks on the surface.
  • Do not use any other cleaners or polishes as they may cause permanent damage.
  • Please note: liquids containing alcohol e.g. nail polish cannot be removed.

Caring for upholstery (leather and fabric)

  • Regularly remove dust and dirt from leather and fabriccovered furniture.

  • Vacuum fabric upholstered items frequently. Make sure to use the soft brush vacuum nozzle when cleaning. Abrasive scrubbers and brushes can scratch and damage the upholstery.

  • Occasional use of a lint remover is recommended on any fabric covered upholstery to remove fuzz that may develop with use.

  • Leather is a natural material and will damage if it has longterm exposure to the sun or if placed directly near a heat source. For longevity never place near fireplaces and radiators.

  • Never sit or place damp/wet items on leather or fabric upholstery.

  • If a spill occurs - wipe up immediately with a cloth followed immediately with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

  • For leather upholstery we recommend applying leather conditioner 1-2 times per year. This will keep the leather from drying out and developing cracks, which can effect the structural stability of the stitching if left.


We believe in the quality that comes with a product that is handmade.
If a problem arises with our product we are more than happy to help with structural warranty claims.

Your free warranty on every order

All warranty claims must be sent in writing to We will determine if the claim is valid and notify you of the claim result. If the item needs to be repaired one of our team will consent for the item to be sent back to our factory for repair or replacement (this is determined by New World Pty Ltd).

The warranty covers the cost involved in the repair but excludes any transport costs associated with the claim. We will not accept any returns if the item has been tampered with. For example, has been repainted, re-finished, re-upholstered or if the item has not been used appropriately for its intended purpose.

Extended 5 year warranty

(recommended for high use products only) (costs an extra 10% on top of the order and only insures those pieces): 

Because you are buying your furniture directly from the designer and maker, we can afford to give you the best advice, and the best warranty. Its simple with no middleman and no hidden smallprint; After 5 years instead of the warranty ending it is refreshed, along with your furniture.

We will service your furniture to take away the years of wear and tear. Much like a car your furniture needs a checkup after a while & we are more than capable of providing you with the best help for your unique furniture. Every order is different and requires extensive knowledge of what's right for each piece.

To extend your warranty for a further 5 years & receive a free service on all your furniture it only costs 10% of the original orders price, we prefer to build on our customer relationships rather than provide a one off unsure purchase.We believe in providing the best quality furniture along with the best quality protection. 

Our policies and conditions are subject to Consumer Affairs of Victoria and will follow the guidelines provided. We intend to make everything to the best of our ability because good things don't have to come from far away.

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