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The Orimba Bookcase: Australian Hardwoods Meet Global Tradition and Inspiration

More than just a solid timber bookcase

The Orimba bookcase is a customisable piece that can transform your house into a home by allowing you to express yourself. Orimba is a symbol of our journey, our commitment to tradition, and our dedication to the local community. Flexible and versatile is what makes this bookcase a great investment, but once you get to know the story behind it, you realise there is much more beneath the surface.

At Naco Design, we take pride in creating exceptional furniture that reflects our passion for craftsmanship, local materials, and environmental consciousness. By choosing a furniture piece that is crafted with locally sourced materials you support not only a small business, you support the history of Melburnians.

The Birth of Orimba: A Story of Five Designers from Around the World

Behind every great piece of furniture is a story, and the Orimba Bookcase is no exception. Crafted by a small team of five designers – Mond, Ollie, Sebastian, Sonny, and Ming (Mond's father) – our backgrounds span the globe, representing Europe, Asia, and Oceania which results in the versatile and creative piece of furniture. We've been friends since childhood and always shared a passion for crafting beautiful products from the materials around us. We've taken our learnings from diverse cultures and design influences to create the unique style we call 'Naco.'

Our journey began right here in our Richmond showroom, where we spent months sketching, prototyping, and refining our vision. We wanted to combine flexibility and aesthetics, using local materials yet creating something fun that is beautiful by itself. The name "Orimba" is inspired by the Aboriginal word "Oorinbah," which refers to the bora ring or ceremonial ground where the initiation ceremony of conferring the "belt of manhood" took place. This name symbolizes our transition into the world of high-end furniture making under the guidance of Ming, our founder. The Orimba range has become our bestselling collection, a testament to our dedication and creativity.

Orimba Bookcase: The Epitome of Style and Functionality

The Orimba Bookcase, available in two main sizes (small and large), is a masterpiece of form and function. Expertly crafted with our favorite Australian hardwoods, it is more than another solid timber bookcase - it embodies the warmth and beauty of local materials. Here are some of its standout features:

Struggling to find a flexible, adjustable bookcase?

Adjustable Shelves are a thing, so you can make it yours!

The Orimba bookcase offers a myriad of customisations, perfect for any space - small or large! Enjoy a bookcase with adjustable shelves, so you can customise it to your needs and preferences - while some love displaying books and art, others like to keep things a bit more private - and we are here for all of it. The Orimba adapts effortlessly, so you don’t have to.

What’s your style? Pick your Orimba in 1, 2, 3

We have created three distinct Orimba styles that blend effortlessly into your interior so you can choose the one that suits your taste and space. The classic shelving option is perfect for open displays, while the version with backing adds an elegant touch. If storage is a priority, opt for the style with drawers, combining functionality with aesthetics. 

S1/L1: The classic option, perfect for those who love the simplicity of open shelving (the first image shown).

S2/L2: This style adds backing to the shelves, providing an elegant canvas against which your displayed items can shine (the one in the middle).

S3/L3: If storage tops your priority list, the third bookcase style comes with drawers to neatly tuck away your essentials while still putting on display what you are more comfortable in showcasing (the last image).

Multiple Timber Choices is another reason why The Orimba can fit well in anyone’s home. You can choose from five different sustainably-sourced Australian hardwoods to match the vibe and aesthetics of your room (add an image below).

If you are really a fan of the Orimba family, you can shop the full range online and match your bookcase to the rest of your living space!  

Why is Australian hardwood good?

Because it not only has a great variety of colours (and an even greater variety of stains) but it is also more sustainable, made for the local climate and therefore - lasting longer. 

Because Life Happens: Focus On Modular Design & Sustainability

If you wonder if there is a bookcase that can also serve as a room-divider, look no further! Modular Design makes this bookcase a very versatile piece of furniture. The Orimba is designed with flexibility and possible lifestyle and design changes in mind even when it comes to your interior space arrangement, and of course - if you change your home. It offers you freedom to re-arrange your space, because it is a standalone bookcase, and not one that requires wall-drilling and limits you to certain spots of the room. 

It can serve as a room divider, adding character to your space without closing it off (perfect for larger living rooms or breakout spaces). Combine multiple units for a stunning modular setup that's both practical and eye-catching (insert figure below)

By allowing this level of customisation, the Orimba bookcase offers a long-term solution to any living space, which means that you can invest once and keep it forever. This supports our mission of a longer life-cycle for furniture as opposed to the disposable, cheap, ‘single season’ furniture that breaks and wears off quickly, therefore labelled as a non-sustainable option.

Connecting with Ourimbah's Heritage

The town of Ourimbah, with its rich history of timber milling, served as the perfect backdrop for our furniture-making journey. Just as Ourimbah's residents once crafted timber for a booming Sydney, we continue the tradition by using high-quality Australian hardwoods, creating pieces that reflect the beauty of our local environment and transform your home. 

an image showing the ourimbah creek

Choosing the Right Timber for Your Orimba Bookcase: A Comprehensive Guide

Customising your bookcase (or any other peace of furniture) is something we are proud to offer, but we also know it can get a bit overwhelming. At Naco, we offer five different types of wood, each with its own set of qualities and characteristics which allows you to choose the perfect fit for you home - and not to worry, we are here to guide you through the process. Let’s explore how to choose the right timber to fit the interior mood you want to create - from minimal Scandi all the way to rustic. 

American Oak: The Universal Favorite

Characteristics: Light-coloured, open-grained, durable, and resilient.

Best for: Contemporary, minimalist, and Scandinavian interiors.

Go for this when: You're looking for something versatile that will fit into almost any design scheme.

Australian Oak: Embrace Local Flair

Characteristics: Features a mix of medium tones, combining strength with a beautiful, flowing grain.

Best for: Traditional, minimalist or modern Australian home settings

Choose if: You want to reduce your furniture footprint and enjoy a warm, inviting grain pattern that can be complimented by most things

Japanese Black: The Exotic Choice

Characteristics: Dark, with an intense black tint that brings a rich depth to any room.

Best for: Modern, Zen, or Asian-inspired interiors.

Why Choose This: If you're drawn to deep, mesmerizing hues and want a unique, dramatic piece, Japanese Black is an intriguing option.

Messmate: Rustic Yet Refined

Characteristics: Varied color tones from pale browns to light yellows, with an interesting grain pattern.

Best for: Rustic, farmhouse, or coastal decors.

Why Choose This: Opt for Messmate if you're looking for something a bit more rugged but still elegant. Or you simply love it - who cares!

Tasmanian Blackwood: Warmth Meets Luxury

Characteristics: Rich in hue, ranging from golden brown to deep, reddish-brown.

Best for: Luxurious, traditional, or warm-toned spaces.

Choose If: You’re in search of an opulent, warm timber with abundant character, Tasmanian Blackwood stands out.

The bottom line is

When choosing the right timber for your home and investing in bespoke or custom-made furniture, you want to consider the existing wood types, colours or style you want your room to evoke. Thinking of the purpose and position of the Orimba bookcase can help you better decide if you want the bookcase to stand out, or blend in naturally. 

Still can't decide? Visit our Richmond showroom for a first-hand look and free consultation, or reach out to our design experts. We’re here to ensure your Orimba Bookcase is as unique as you are!

Made In Melbourne: Local Craftsmanship Meets World-Class Timber

Melbourne isn't just our home; it's the epicentre of our design inspiration and the very soil that nurtures the world-class timbers we use in our furniture. Australia is renowned globally for its high-quality timbers, ideal for any climate but especially tailored for the unique conditions of your Aussie home interior. By choosing local, you not only re-invest in our economy - by sourcing local Australian timbers (sometimes from just around the corner in Gippsland) we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but offer you furniture that brings the sense of home, which imported materials could never replicate. 

Once these premium timbers have been sourced, they're taken to our family-owned factory in Nunawading. Here, the real magic happens. Under the experienced hands of our skilled craftsmen, these raw, unshaped pieces of timber undergo a transformation. Meticulously handcrafted, each plank and joint are shaped, sanded, and polished to perfection, ultimately forming what you will come to know as your Orimba Bookcase—a solid timber bookcase with a story as compelling as its design.

When you invest in an Orimba Bookcase, you're not just buying a solid timber bookcase that can transform your house; you're bringing home a piece of Melbourne's rich, creative landscape—a product born from local forests, crafted by local hands, and designed to be treasured for generations to come.

Naco Design: A Commitment to the Environment and Community

What sets us apart is our dedication to customisation. At Naco Design, every piece of furniture is a unique creation, hand-sketched to match our customers' vision. Our team of experts, with diverse design backgrounds, combines the best of global design influences to create the Naco style. Тhough the Orimba bookcase is very customisable already, if you feel the need to get a free consultation our team will be more than happy to help you design a piece of furniture that is ‘just right’. 

We are more than just a furniture store; we are a small family business with a personal touch. Our commitment to quality and service has earned us a 5-star rating on Google, reflecting our customers' satisfaction. Whether you visit us in-store for a custom consultation or shop online, you'll experience the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Experience Naco Design Today

Visit our Richmond showroom to explore the Orimba Bookcase and other exquisite pieces from our collection (and have a coffee). Feel the warmth of Australian hardwoods and the passion that goes into each creation. Or shop online to enjoy the convenience of our handmade furniture delivered to your doorstep, instantly.

At Naco Design, we're not just creating furniture; we're crafting stories, fostering traditions, and making a positive impact on the world, one piece at a time. Join us in celebrating the art of furniture making, where every piece is a work of art, and every customer is a valued member of our community.

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