Our Timbers

We use a selection of quality Australian Hardwood timbers which include victorian ash, tasmanian oak, mountain ash, chestnut, wormy chestnut, messmate, blackwood, blackbutt, jarrah, red gum, spotted gum, and stringy bark. Learn a bit about some of our most popular varieties below.


Victorian Ash & Tassie Oak

The lightest timber colour we currently have in our selection. 

Vic Ash and Tassie Oak are fast growing (plantation timbers and are sustainable), straight grain, and relatively even in colour. The heartwood is pale pink, and evens out to a pale yellow.



Blackbutt is primarily used as a structural timber, therefore the reclaimed variety is widely available, adding a lot of colour and depth to your piece.

Blackbutt is a golden to pale brown, with a slight pink  (occasional) cast.



Blackwood is a deep brown, with ocasional red streaks and wavy bands, sometimes in a fiddbleback pattern.

It has a deep brown heartwood, and is grown in the wetter areas of Tasmania for commercial use.


Stringy-bark features a pale red to pinkish-brown heartwood and cream coloured sapwood. 

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is known for its attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. Beloved of architects and designers, it is a popular exterior timber for detailing, as well as being widely used in furniture.

Spotted gum is a light to dark brown, with a red-brown heartwood. The Sapwood is brown to white. 


River Red Gum

River red gum is an iconic shade of red and is known for is distinctive brilliant colouring ranging from pink to almost red. It has strong pronounced gum and veins. A gorgeous timber on its own, it is recommended to use with only a clear lacquer.



Messmate is an extremely popular hardwood with a pale brown to light yellow colour, with hints of peach. It is heavily textured with strong grain, and perfect for the statement piece of furniture.


Jarrah is a unique Australian hardwood which is a rich red and brown in colour with an even grain and a pale sapwood. Jarrah is a slow-growing timber and is sourced mainly from Western Australia. 

wormy chestnut.jpg

Wormy Chestnut

Wormy Chestnut is one of our most popular timbers, with a gorgeous brown to pale yellow colour, with black details and inclusions throughout the timber, adding character to your piece. It has a strong pronounced grain.

The Anatomy of Timber