Pure Australian Timber

Beautiful things do not have to come from places far far away. The wood used to produce our timber collection is sourced from Australia. Apart from it’s vernacular beauty, we think that it makes sense to use timber from it’s own region. After all, the knowledge and expertise of the people who make our furniture also comes from nearby. Besides, local materials has an important advantage; the wood does not have to travel long distances and they are all sustainable. Local Materials is about honesty and transparency. Rather than concealing imperfections, we want to use the qualities of the timber. Nature is still visible in each piece, giving it its own character and identity. Here are our most popular timber choices:


Australian Oak

The lightest timber colour we currently have in our selection. Australian Oak are fast growing plantation timbers and are sustainable, straight grain, and relatively even in colour. The heartwood is pale pink, and evens out to a pale yellow.



Messmate is an extremely popular hardwood with a pale brown to light yellow colour, with hints of peach. It is heavily textured with strong grain, and perfect for the statement piece of furniture.



Blackwood is a deep brown, with ocasional red streaks and wavy bands, sometimes in a fiddbleback pattern.

It has a deep brown heartwood, and is grown in the wetter areas of Tasmania for commercial use.